Your Tournament, Your Way

We are building a tournament geared towards maximum satisfaction for the players. We want you to be excited to participate, year after year.

You vote for the following:

  • Location — which area the venue is located
  • Table — what tables you play on

We will offer four levels of play to ensure you're grouped with the appropriate skill levels to help you to be as competetive as possible:

  • Diamond League — the best of the best
  • Emerald League — quite strong
  • Sapphire League — competitive
  • Ruby League — up and coming

Cast Your Vote!

Your vote will help decide the direction this tournament takes. Choose your role below and cast your vote! The polls close on January 31, 2019.

Voting Completed!

The voting process has been completed.

We are compiling the data and will update with next steps soon!

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The Plan

January 31, 2019 — Voting Closes

Once the voting process has completed, we'll count up the votes and determine what formats will be offered, where we'll have the tournament and on what tables we will shoot.

Registration Opens — June 1, 2019

Registration will open and the process will be completed online. We believe digital registration will improve the process immensely.


August 31, 2019 — Registration Closes

Once registration is closed, we will have a precise number in attendance and can secure formal contracts with the venue and vendors.

Amateur Open Tournament — September 2019

Once all preparation is completed we can all gather and enjoy what's sure to be a great tournament.



After all our dust settles and we have crowned our champions, we will circle back and look for feedback to work towards improving the tournament and our process in the future.

The Location

In an effort to centralize the venue as much as possible, we will rely on votes to decide on the area we will hold the tournament. The potential location of the tournament will fall within the following:

  • Northeast — This region includes Jacksonville and spans South as far as Daytona and surrounding area
  • Central — Orlando and surrounding areas are included in this region
  • Southwest — Both Tampa and Ft Myers are included in this region, as well as surrounding area
  • Southeast — Miami and surrounding areas are included in this region

Once an area is selected, we will contact several possible venues within and choose the location that best acommodates our needs. All offered locations include an international airport and many options for lodging.

The Table

Diamond Table

The same table the pros play on, the Diamond table offers a consistent experience paired with incredible ingenuity and craftsmenship.

Valley Table

The choice of bars and leagues all over the country, the Valley table is extremely common, and therefor offers a comfort unsurpassed by any other table on the market.

With your vote we can ensure we provide the best possible tournament. Once these key items have been decided, we will organize the tournament and coordinate with all involved.

FAQ  — Commonly Asked Questions

During the voting process, you have an option to elect to receive notifications; these notifications will come in email form and will only be sent to you if you choose to receive them. In essence, the only item you can sign up for at this point is notifications.

By completing the voting process, you are not committing to register for the tournament or provide any funds in any way. If you elect to receive notifications, we will email you at key points during the process, such as voting closing or registration.

Registration fees will be determined once voting has closed and we have secured all the details of the tournament. These registration fees are dependent upon the cost of the equipment and venue necessary to produce the tournament, and therefor cannot be determined until we can secure these items.

Our aim is to maximize player payout. After all the expenses are accounted for, we plan on awarding as much prize money as we can!

At this stage in the process, we cannot be more specific than September of 2019. Once we have determined that there is a significant interest in this tournament via the voting process, and the voting has closed, we can then coordinate the availability of venues in the chosen area and nail down a date range.

Ideally, we would be able to work around similar-sized tournaments in nearby areas so that we avoid as much as possible any potential overlap in dates. We don’t want players to have to pick between multiple tournaments that take place at the same time, we just want to offer another tournament option for players to enjoy.

The votes decide what area the tournament will take place. Once we have closed the voting and selected an area, we will find a venue within the chosen area that will satisfy all the needs we have to produce the tournament.

At the end of the voting process, we use the information you provide to decide on the location of the tournament, the tables that we will play on and what tournament formats will be offered.

Depending upon expenses, we may also provide a discount or special gift to registrants for the tournament that we have a record of voting. We want to find a special way to show appreciation for helping to shape the direction of this tournament.

We will keep 100% of the information you provide absolutely private and confidential. We will not disclose any information to any third party unless compelled by law to do so, where required.

We prefer only one vote per person.

By limiting the votes to one per person, we would ideally get a good representation of how many players may be interested in attending this tournament, where the tournament should be played and on what tables the tournament should take place.

If multiple votes are placed by the same person, the results would be skewed and may not accurately represent the interests of the majority of players.

The voting closes on January 31st, 2019 and we hope to have the results counted and posted shortly thereafter.

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